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Social Anxiety Group:

Everyone gets nervous or anxious at times.  Anxiety is a natural response to perceived danger that has a protective factor and can keep us safe from harm.  Sometimes however, rather than protecting us, it becomes so forceful and frequent that it begins taking over our lives.

Social anxiety involves extreme discomfort in social or performance situations.  It often involves a fear of being negatively evaluated by others.  It can involve all social situations or it may be limited to specific situations.

This type of anxiety can interfere with daily living, social life, or work performance.  It can make it difficult to attend school, get a job, or develop close relationships with others.

Some of the symptoms include blushing, racing heart, sweating, trembling, nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, or feeling like you are going to pass out.

The good news?  Social anxiety, like other types of anxiety is treatable.  In this group, you will learn about anxiety.  You will also learn and practice the skills needed to help you when faced with those stressful situations.  This is an evening group that meets on a weekly basis.

There is currently a waiting list for this group.  New groups will form once enough participants are on the waiting list.  To join, please complete the form found below.  An initial (no-cost) consultation will be held prior to group entry.  You will be contacted to let you know I received your information and again as soon as a new group is available. 

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Social Anxiety Group